28 May 2021
Week 7 Newsletter

To all in our sporting community,

Year 7 and 8 Sports Day will be held today, Friday 28th May 2021, the sun is shining at last, and the students are looking forward to getting involved.

The day will include track sessions of 100m, 300m, 800m and 100m relay. The field sessions include shot, vortex, run and jump, timing gates and team games, so all students will have a chance to compete and have fun today.

We wish you all a good half term and we'll welcome the students back on Monday 7th June 2021. We have fixtures arranged after half term so please continue to check SOCS for all the latest information. If you have any questions regarding fixtures, please contact the Sports Secretary, Jo Berthelot (jxb@eltham-college.org.uk).

Kind regards,

Mr E Thorogood